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We make all of CARE’s evaluation and research reports available for public access in accordance with our Accountability Policy. These are available at our Evaluation Library.

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Annual Reports

CARE and the Sustainable Development Goals 2023

April 11, 2023

Since 2015, CARE has been tracking impact metrics in line with the Sustainable Development Goals. In 2021, CARE shifted to 30 impact indicators for CARE’s Vision 2030, still aligned with the SDGs. The SDGs represent a collective, global commitment to a transformed world. It is only right that an organization like CARE also be accountable to demonstrating how its work contributes to these shared goals toward this collective vision. Between 2015 and 2022 CARE and our partners have contributed to global change for 180 million people in 82 countries. We use the word “contributions” deliberately: in all our work, change happens through the combined efforts of many different actors, including civil society and movements, governments, and the private sector. Our programs are just some of the contributing factors that lead to these impacts and outcomes.

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Lessons Learned

Listen Carefully, Tread Lightly, Adapt Quickly: CARE’s Approach to Adaptive Management

March 10, 2020

CARE’s approach to adaptive management focuses on building in mechanisms for continuing learning and evidence-based adaptation throughout the program cycle as part of a thoughtful program design. This should go beyond experimenting, piloting and scaling to base adaptation on 1) shifting contexts and changing needs of communities, 2) changing power dynamics—especially gender power dynamics and other forms of exclusion, and 3) developing knowledge about what is (and is not) working in this environment and why.

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