How to clean your teeth

How to keep teeth white

We know that wearing a healthy and aesthetic smile influences our appearance and personal safety. Yes! When we achieve white teeth, the complexes in the personal and professional spheres are eliminated.

In addition to visiting the dentist and maintaining good oral hygiene, there are essential habits and tips to achieve this. Next, we will tell you about 20 of them.

Why do teeth become stained?

Depending on the color of the stain, its origin may vary:

  • White spots on the teeth appear due to the lack of calcium in the dental area.
  • Yellow spots result from deteriorated enamel or the action of acidic foods and the consumption of certain substances.
  • Brown spots are associated with excessive alcohol, coffee, and tobacco consumption.
  • Aging blows, certain medications can also cause them, and daily wear and tear.
how to keep teeth white
how to clean your teeth

White stains on your teeth!

White spots on teeth are the first indicator of cavities. Although they also appear after wearing dental appliances such as braces and not maintaining proper oral hygiene. In these cases, they are usually noticed after removing the props, and it is essential to treat them to avoid the appearance of cavities.

Another important cause of this type of stain may be some problem forming the final denture. However, these cases have low-quality aesthetic solutions, such as dental veneers. 

How white should your teeth be?

There is no such thing as entirely white teethe. Its color can vary depending on the tooth’s layers and inheritance, which will define the quality of enamel, the thickness, and the color of the dentin. They all influence the final shade of the tooth, which is generally yellow, brown, and gray.

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How to clean your teeth?

Among the 20 most effective tips and habits to have white teeth are:

Change the toothbrush every two or three months, and it is essential to change your toothbrush if you want to understand how to whiten your teeth naturally. Otherwise, you will be attracting more bacteria to your mouth.

1. Change the toothbrush

To discover how to whiten your teeth naturally, you should change your toothbrush every two or three months. Otherwise, you will draw more bacteria into your mouth.

2. Brush before bed

Before going to sleep, it is essential to remove plaque from the teeth with good brushing. It will help you remove white spots on your teeth.

3. No, combine the cold with his heat

The combination of hot and cold foods or drinks damages the enamel of your teeth. So, it’s essential to avoid doing it.

4. Watch out for the remedies for homemade

Many home remedies claim to be effective in whitening teeth, but sometimes they are abrasive with the enamel, so you must be careful.

5. Avoid squeezing the teeth

Starting to grind your teeth due to stress or tension can wear down the enamel and prevent you from having white teeth.

6. I am not brushing my teeth after eating

When you brush your teeth right after eating, the acids from the food are spread throughout your mouth, negatively affecting the enamel. The idea is to do it in 20 minutes.

7. Use thread dental

There are areas in the teeth where it is difficult to clean with the brush, so the idea is to rely on dental floss. It is very flattering in how to whiten teeth.

8. Rinse oral two times up to date

In addition to avoiding the formation of plaque, cavities, and bad breath, using mouthwash twice a day is essential to maintain healthy white teeth.

9. Eat foods detergents

She was known by that name for being able to clean teeth while chewing and ideal for white teeth. Among the most used are carrots and celery.

10. Brush with smoothness

The harder you brush, the more visible the color of your teeth will be. For this reason, we recommend doing it gently.

11. Drink lots of water and eat sugar-free gum

Both habits make it possible to keep the mouth wet, positively influencing the teeth’ color since the saliva will act as a protective barrier.

12. Don’t go overboard with citrus foods

If the goal is to have white teeth, it is time to minimize the consumption of citrus foods since they can permanently damage the enamel.

13. Lips plus reds

Powerful red lips will generate a visual contrast so that your teeth look white. Among the most used ones are the colors raspberry and mauve.

14. Reduce the consumption of dye drinks

In how to whiten teeth naturally, dye drinks should be decreased. They are coffee, tea, and wine.

15. Brush the language

It can avoid white spots on the teeth as long as good dental hygiene is followed, including brushing the tongue.

 16. Dairy consumption

They are of great help in achieving whiter teeth. The most effective dairy products are yogurt, hard cheese, and milk.

17. Vegetables stringy

The consumption of fibrous vegetables is significant to have a clean mouth and white teeth. They do the same job as routine brushing. 

18. Avoid eating between meals

As long as your mouth is away from the food, the less acidity of the food it will have close to it, which is why it is so important to avoid doing it so that they do not get dirty.

19. Diet balanced

Everything that we put in our mouths influences the color of our teeth, so we recommend knowing how to choose the foods that do the least harm. 

20. Visit the dentist

With a visit to the dentist, you will be able to know if there are ways to whiten your teeth with some effective treatment and with faster results. 

Finally, the dream of having white teeth is possible if you follow the tips mentioned above on whitening and removing white spots on teeth. Remember that a healthy white smile can give you the security you need to achieve everything you set out to do.


There is a unit many genuine ways to assist in discoloring your teeth. Most of those remedies work by gently removing surface stains on your teeth. However, most dentists supply a change of color treatments that area unit a lot stronger than these natural remedies. They require whitening the teeth, which is less difficult for severe tooth discoloration. Overuse of any change of a color product will harm your teeth.

Always confer with your medical man concerning your choices and which might work best for you.

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